Monday, February 21, 2005

Military Recruiters Face the Ire of the Left

Michelle Malkin relays a NYT report on the violence faced by military recruiters here in the U.S.

While appalling in and of itself, it is further evidence of the inability to the Left to behave in a civilized manner. The postings of leftwing bloggers and commentators tends to be laced with profanity and ad hominem attacks (see this message board from the Democratic Underground). In addition, as the New York Times article indicates, the Left can't seem to be able to convey its ideas without using excrement (human or otherwise) and violence. And this is the party that claims to hold dear the non-violent principles of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Until the Leftwingers disown those in their midst who insist on acting like 3 years (and very badly behaved 3 year olds, at that), no one is going to take them seriously. And for the sake of this country, we need a viable second party. Right now, the Democrats are not it.

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