Saturday, February 19, 2005

Lebanon: Poised for Freedom?

Hezbollah, the Iranian backed terrorist group that holds significant power in Lebanon, has apparently told the Lebanese to cool their jets. This, as protests mount against Syria's potential complicity in the assassination of former Lebanese PM Hariri last week. Could it be that the Lebanese actually heard President Bush's Inaugural and State of the Union addresses and are taking them seriously? It sure seems that they may have. In return, the United States has upped the ante for the Syrians by recalling our Ambassador. It's way too early to say where this is headed, but the best end result would be a resumption of normalcy for the Lebanese, who have been proxies in the Sunni / Shiite and Arab / Israeli conflicts for the past 30 years and have labored under the overlordship of Syria for the past 15 years or so.

This could turn out to be the most significant decade for world freedom since the 1940s.

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