Saturday, February 19, 2005

National Drivers License Bill

The Wall Street Journal's OpinionJournal features a piece today critical of Rep. James Sensenbrenner's plan to require a nationally mandated form of driver's license. The WSJ correctly notes that, under the bill, persons who enter the U.S. legally will still be able to obtain these licenses. Why is that significant? Because ALL of the 9/11 hijackers entered the country legally.

This is another case of closing the barn door after the horse has been stolen. We are now subject to very intrusive searches of our persons and our luggage prior to boarding a plane. However, such a search on 9/11 would have availed us nothing because the items used to take over the planes were completely legal at that time. Now we watch as 80 year old grandmothers are patted down and individuals who fit the terrorist profile (and its not the Radical Elderly Norwegian Front we're worried about...) skate right past the checkers out of a ridiculous fear of racial profiling.

Let's focus on the right things, here, people.

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