Sunday, February 20, 2005

Iran Prepares. For What?

The Counterterrorism Blog notes Iranian preparations for hostilities with the United States. I am getting concerned here that events are starting to resemble the run up to World War I, where both sides prepared for war and eventually mobilized based on perceived pressure to do so.

There's no doubt we don't want the Iranian mullahs to ever have a nuke. While diplomacy will certainly have its place in convincing Iran to stand down, I am also, however, not advocating pursuing a predominantly diplomatic path as advocated by Mr. Gartenstein-Ross. Some way, somehow, we must convince the mullahs that it is in their personal best interest to stop the development of these weapons. If they do develop them, the genie is completely out of the bottle. Thus, meaningful saber rattling is completely appropriate so long as we are prepared to back it up. And that may mean some very unpleasant decisions for the US Government and for the American public -- funding and creation of additional Army divisions, for example. Another thought is the creation of a Top Gun-type school to apply the lessons of the Iraqi insurgency might also be in order (and probably already underway).

These promise to be interesting times ahead.

UPDATE: PowerPundit has much the same take.

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