Saturday, January 22, 2005

California to Install Wi-Fi Access in State Parks

I thought California was supposed to be a granola, grapenuts, outdoorsy kind of state. Apparently not as much as they'd like to have you believe.

California has come up with a real smart plan: Wire its state parks for wi-fi. Now this strikes me as the height of foolishness. I am no outdoorsman and I do love having access to the internet (where else would I come across stories like this one, after all), but it seems to me that if you are going to take the time to go to a state park and enjoy the great outdoors, you can just leave the internet behind for a few hours or days. After all, what's the point of going to park in the first place if you are going to spend your time sucking up RSS feeds of your favorite online pundits? You could do that from the comfort of your study at home. What's next -- stadium style floodlighting of the parks, so those who just can't be bothered to visit during the day will not be disadvantaged?

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