Friday, January 21, 2005

Reaction to President Bush's Inaugural Address

The Wall Street Journal's Best of the Web quotes the New York Times reaction to President Bush's Second Inaugural Address:
"The consensus on President Bush's second inaugural address seems to be that it was a very idealistic speech, which it was. As to its meaning, however, the president's critics and supporters alike are divided. The New York Times editorial board yawns that Bush simply fulfilled his 'role, which was to summon the generalities that unite us':

Once in a long while, a newly sworn-in president moves beyond the deeply felt but slightly bland oratory and says something that people will repeat long after he has moved into history. Mr. Bush's speech did not seem in danger of becoming immortal, but its universal intent suited the day.

I seem to recall that there was another speech given by a wartime President that the popular press didn't seem too high on (hint: It was given in November 1863 in a small Pennsylvania town named Gettysburg).

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