Saturday, February 26, 2005

Loopholes So Big You Can Drive a Bus Through Them ... Even Without a License!

Michelle Malkin posts today about loopholes in the proposed Real ID Act. The bill, which is ostensibly designed to prohibit the issuance of drivers' licenses to illegal aliens, has so many loopholes that they oughtn't even have bothered. For instance, the bill would permit states to grant licenses to:
  • illegal aliens who have been granted a hearing for asylum,
  • illegal aliens who have applications pending for temporary protected status, and
  • illegal aliens who have applied for amnesty under the 245(i) program.
Granted, these exceptions will prevent issuance of a license to anyone who has not petitioned the Federal government for some sort of protected status, but I think we all know that once you're in, you're in. Nothing would stop illegals from petitioning for asylum, for example, getting a drivers' license and then dropping the asylum petition. They would then have 4 years' grace before needing to petition for asylum again. Conceivably, they would never have to have their asylum petition determined on the merits. The mere filing of the petition would be enough.

Citizenship in the United States comes with obligations (to vote, to pay taxes, etc...); legal alien status also has obligations. The illegals have, for too long, abused the system by taking advantage of the good this nation has to offer without fulfilling the obligations required of those who reside here legally. We should not sanction illegal status in any fashion whatsoever and certainly not provide tacit state approval via the issuance of a drivers' license, without the individual agreeing to take on the obligations of legal status, first.

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