Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Good Professor Hates SUVs...

So, Professor Bainbridge has revealed that he hates SUVs. That is, of course, his prerogative and I respect his opinion. I happen to like SUVs, both to drive and because the manufacture and sale of these vehicles funds a goodly portion of my paycheck.

What I find significant in Professor Bainbridge's post, however, is that nowhere do you find a call to outlaw SUVs or to otherwise regulate them out of existence. This is how the right differs from the left these days: a left wing post would recite the evil that are SUVs and call for an outright ban on their use. Professor Bainbridge, in contrast, merely notes his annoyance with the vehicles and leaves it at that. However, several thousand people ( visitors) will know what he is thinking on this subject and may actually spend some time thinking about it themselves as a result. What happens when Earth Liberation Fronters deface SUVs on dealership parking lots? Their sympathizers may cheer, but everyone else is disgusted.

You tell me who has furthered the cause more: spoiled children who vandalize vehicles or someone who posts a blog entry calmly laying out the facts as to why he dislikes SUVs?

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