Friday, February 04, 2005

Iraqi Terrorist Depravity Reaches New Lows

I was appalled to read this morning in Iraq the Model about the latest means used by the Iraqi terrorists (I will not dignify them by calling them insurgents) to wreak havoc on the innocents of Iraq. Apparently during the election, the terrorists kidnapped a man with Downs Syndrome, loaded him up with high explosive and had him walk towards a polling place, with the intention of remotely detonating the explosives when he reached the voters. This innocent man became frightened and turned back towards the terrorists, who then detonated the explosives, obviously killing the man.

As the brother of someone who is mentally handicapped, I know all too well how innocent and trusting they are. For anyone in this country to continue to romanticize these demons as anything but abject evil is incomprehensible. If those of you on the left do not denounce these terrorists, then you are no better than they are.

Hat tip: Roger L. Simon

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