Thursday, February 03, 2005

Ford Motor Pulls Super Bowl (er,"Big Game") Ad

According to a Detroit based published report, Ford Motor has elected to pull an ad scheduled to air during the Super Bowl this Sunday.
The ad shows a set of car keys placed on a collection plate. The clergyman finds a new Lincoln Mark LT truck in the parking lot, and lovingly caresses the exterior.

The car's owner then enters the picture, with his little girl poking her head from behind him - the implication being she had dropped the keys in the plate. The clergyman hands over the keys, then is depicted adding the letters L-T to a message board advertisting an upcoming sermon, to spell lust.

Does anyone else think this is ridiculous? I am certainly not in favor of child abuse by anyone, let alone a member of the clergy, but this reaction is certainly a stretch.

Memo to people upset over this: Get over it!

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