Thursday, February 03, 2005

More Middle Eastern (Non)Experts

Fox News features a story this evening regarding Congressional efforts to back regime change in Iran. What is most interesting about this piece, however, is this little gem, offered up by a so-called Middle East expert:

Mona Yacoubian, a Middle East expert for the Center for Strategic and International Studies (search), said it is unclear whether the United States has enough credibility in the region to pursue another regime change now, even if it is a non-military one. She said any group seeking to overthrow the dictatorial ayatollahs — who have rendered seemingly moderate President Mohammad Khatami virtually powerless — might not want to have the United States linked to their efforts.

"My gut reaction would be any time an opposition party in that part of world is somehow associated with the United States, its credibility suffers," she said.

Yacoubian said that while a strong underground democracy movement exists, and anti-Americanism is not nearly as high in Iran as it is in places like Saudi Arabia or Egypt, the U.S. invasion of Iraq and reports that the United States may next focus its attention on Iran have not warmed Iranians to the American cause.

Ms. Yacoubian must have just slept through the last week. The millions of Iraqis who cast votes on Sunday certainly seemed somewhat enthused (that was sarcasm) about their recent regime change -- enough so that they literally risked their very lives to put their imprimatur on it by participating in the election. So while the Left (presumably including Ms. Yacoubian) persists in its fantasy view that "Everyone Hates US", the evidence continues to mount to the contrary.

The protestors in Tiannemen Square did not erect an Eiffel Tower, after all.

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