Monday, January 10, 2005

A Real Crook

This is a story I heard about on the Glenn Beck radio show this morning. A soldier, Spc. Elwood Wrigley, will shortly be enroute to Afghanistan -- for the second time. Apparently, he attended a Philadelphia Eagles game New Years Weekend and lost his camera, containing pictures of his family at Christmas. Understandably, he really wants the camera back. Wrigley contacted a local Philadelphia tv station (NBC10 (WCAU)) and asked if they could put out an appeal to the public to see if anyone had retrieved the camera. NBC10 decided to do so and when they did, they were contacted by a Michael Crook, who apparently aspires to live up to the family name. Mr. Crook said he would be happy to return the camera -- for a $1,000 finders fee. According to Mr. Crook:
"'I don't really do things out of kindness. It's a business world and I know it seems harsh but, you know, it is all about the money' Crook said."
Wonderful. Let's hope John Q. Policeman and Bart Prosecutor were also at the game.

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