Saturday, January 08, 2005

UNscrupulous Shenanigans

Just caught the latest installment of The Diplomad from the Far Abroad. The Chief Diplomad's account is once again both amusing and distressing. Is it any surprise to any of us that the UN officials are claiming credit for the work being done by the US Military AND are expressing resentment toward said military? No surprise in this corner of the world.

It occurred to me earlier today that there are a great deal of similarities between many members of the U.S. Foreign Service (the Diplomad excluded, of course), their brethren in the UN bureacracy and journalists. Likely most of these individuals chose their occupations because they saw it as a means to "change the world". Rather than merely work with what they are given and be satisfied with the results, they see it as their right to be able to change the world. If events don't naturally lead where they want them to go, by golly, they just take the bull by the horns and make it the way they want it to be. This serves as an explanation for the effort by CBS and the New York Times to swing the recent election for John Kerry. It also explains the UN's collective efforts to claim credit for work being done by others (the Australmericans).

Keep up the good reporting, Diplomad, but do not be discouraged. Nothing is going to change with respect to the UN or the MSM, but the blogosphere is making sure that the world hears the real story.

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