Monday, January 10, 2005

Great Minds Think Alike

This evening, I penned a multiparagraph post with my thoughts on the CBS Independent Panel Report released today. Following my initial publication of the post, I decided to add one more citation for my thesis that we should not have expected the Panel to make findings any more damning to CBS than absolutely necessary to support the foregone conclusion that CBS screwed up big time -- probably, but not provably, intentionally. My citation was going to be to a post by Soxblog. However, when I read Soxblog's entire post, I discovered that he reached almost all the same conclusions as I had and, in fact, using many of the same comparisons and language.

In order to avoid any appearance that I may have "borrowed" Soxblog's ideas for my own piece, I have elected to withdraw my post on the subject. I do, obviously, endorse Soxblog's view of the topic, which I commend to your reading pleasure!

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