Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Canada's New Prime Minister

Lest any of us think that Reuter's left-wing leanings stop at our northern border, I have this little sample from a "news" story about the election of Canada's first Conservative prime minister in 12 years:
"Harper, who also wants to calm fractious ties with Washington, has nowhere near the 155 seats he needs to control a 308-seat Parliament where his party has no natural allies.


'Canadians did not endorse neoconservatism when they elected him last night,' the Globe and Mail said in an editorial. 'They voted against a Liberal Party that had become smug and arrogant.'

Harper, the first prime minister from the powerful oil-rich western province of Alberta in 25 years, was due to return to Ottawa on Tuesday and to meet Martin soon to decide when power would formally change hands -- a date Conservative officials said was likely to be in two or three weeks' time."


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