Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Left's Foul Mouth

Following my post yesterday about Delphi's bankruptcy filing, I set up a news and blog search for article and posts on that topic. My search came up with a bunch of hits, including this one. Thinking that the post might be an interesting piece about one blogger's perspective on the Delphi bankruptcy, I clicked on the link. What do I get? Bush-bashing from yet another angle, replete with diatribes against rich corporations, references to homosexuality and sodomy (you know, for a group that has "endorsed" gay rights to the extent the left-wingers have, they sure use it as an epithet often enough) and the word "b***sh**" (I am not a prude, but I am not going print this word, even as an example of someone else's bad behavior).

What is it about left-wing bloggers, that they cannot engage in dialogue about any topic they don't like without dropping into the gutter? I know that Rush Limbaugh would say its because they lack any ideas and so they resort to extremism to make up for this. I don't buy this. I am coming to the conclusion (actually, I reached this conclusion a long time ago) that this is who these people are: gutter-dwellers. I think that's why they have the principles (or lack thereof) that they do and I think that's why they act the way they do. The two are inseparable; its just that when left-wingers are "winning" they are able to present a better front; the gutter-dragon, however, lurks just below the surface (see, e.g., the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings).

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