Monday, August 29, 2005

Katirna Update (8-29-05 @11 am)

This is the 11 am update from the National Hurricane Center. You have to like the last sentence (really!)

“The eye of Hurricane Katrina is making its second northern Gulf Coast landfall...near the Louisiana-Mississippi border. WSR-88Dradar data show that the northern eyewall is very intense and Doppler velocities are near 120 kt at an altitude of about 5000 ft over extreme southern Mississippi. This...along with observations from Air Force Reserve unit hurricane hunter aircraft...supports the current intensity estimate of 110 kt. Steady weakening will occur as the center moves over land. However Katrina has such alarge and powerful circulation that it will probably retain hurricane intensity for about 12 hours...bringing damaging winds well inland. The potential loss of life due to falling trees is a major is freshwater flooding. The forward speed has increased slightly and initial motion is now360/14.

The track forecast reasoning is basically unchanged. Katrina should accelerate north-northeastward in the flow between a cyclone north of the Great Lakes and an anticyclone near the southeastern United States coast over the next few days. Katrina s expected to lose tropical characteristics...and its identity...later in the forecast period as it merges with a mid-latitude cyclone. Special thanks are extended to the United States Air Force Reserve hurricane hunter crews stationed at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi Mississippi...who have been flying continuous missions through Katrina even as their families and homes are being seriously impacted by this hurricane.”

Our prayers go out to the Hurricane Hunters, their families and all those affected by this tremendous natural calamity.

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