Saturday, March 26, 2005

Another Reuters Attempted Hatchet Job on the President

"Reuters" is at it again, spewing "outrage" over the length of time it has taken for President Bush to comment on the Red Lake school shootings. For a news organization that doesn't care a whit about what the President says on any topic that matters, this is pretty lame. Are they saying that nothing matters until the President comments on it? I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to note that EVERYONE was appalled at what happened; it certainly does not take any commentary from the President to make it so.

No, this is another attempt by Reuters to cast the President in a bad light, insinuating that if this had happened at a Texas school, he would have even gone to the site. But, because this happened at an Indian school (I am specifically not using the term Native American, here, because these peoples are no more (or less) native to the Americas than any of us), it is cast as racism.

Get over it Reuters.

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