Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Techno Hackery

This story is another example of the hubris amongst much of the techno-elite. These individuals believe that rules are only for those who don't have the power to break them. The programmers in question have come up with a hack that allows them to access Apple's iTunes store and download music that lacks Apple's copy protection. Apple makes its terms and conditions very plain to read (even if most users don't). One of those terms is to accept the copy protection.

However, the hackers come up with all sorts of explanations for why they do what they do: "it's legal in MY country"; "Apple includes 2 layers of security, so, hey, if I leave one layer out, its ok"; etc....

They can rationalize all they want, but what they are doing is stealing -- plain and simple. It's a shame that society's moral compass has drifted so far off North that so many fail to see theft for what it is.

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