Monday, February 07, 2005

The UN Decides to Play Ball but Do We Want to Pick Them for Our Team?

The counter-terrorism symposium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has yielded this interesting statement from Kofi Annan:
[the UN] "needs to articulate an effective and principled counter-terrorism strategy.” "All States need a principled strategy against terrorism," Annan said, "that includes, but is much broader than, coercive measures."
It seems to me that Kofi could simply follow the lead of the United States here and take on terror wherever it might fester. But, of course, that would require a recognition on the UN's part that certain activities, such as blowing one's self up on a bus crowded with innocent civilians, actually constitutes terror. Notice, as well, the dig at the United States in the statement that a "principled" terror strategy includes more than just coercion. How about year after year after year of ineffectual resolutions?

Hat tip: The Counterterrorism Blog

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