Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Soldier Abduction in Iraq may be Hoax

The CounterTerror blog is reporting that the abduction of a U.S. Serviceman in Iraq may be a hoax. They publish an apparently doctored photo to show this. Let's hope its true.

UPDATE: I've noticed a lot of viewers, many from .MIL domains, coming here from my Trackback to the CounterTerror Blog. Welcome! My goal in posting this news was to get the information out as soon as possible. No one is more thrilled than I am that this did apparently turn out to be a hoax. This, I believe, says a lot about where the so-called insurgents are right now: basically nowhere. I am not naive enough to believe that the elections of this past Sunday in Iraq will eliminate the terrorist movement overnight, but it sure is a start. Let's finish the job!

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