Sunday, February 13, 2005

Attack of the Drones

With all due respect, Michelle Malkin's got the wrong title for her post this morning ("Easongate:The MSM Strikes Back"). Rather,the title should be a takeoff on another of the Star Wars series -- it should be Attack of the Drones. For that's exactly what this is: a reflexive effort on the part of the MSM to demonize the efforts made by bloggers to discover the TRUTH.

Ms. Malkin quotes Bertrand Pecquerie of the World Association of Newspapers, in pertinent part, as follows:
"[T]he defense of the US army honor seemed more important to some bloggers than the defense of reporters' work (and sometimes life)."
Hmmm. It seemed to me that it was the defense of TRUTH that the right hemi-blogosphere was after, not U.S. Army honor (which was, thankfully, a third party beneficiary of the blogosphere's efforts).

Malkin concludes with a quote from Columbia Journalism Review editor Steve Lovelady:
"The salivating morons who make up the lynch mob prevail."
No: TRUTH prevailed. Who among us doubts that we'd have all seen the infamous Davos videotape by now if it even remotely showed that Eason Jordan did not say what he was alleged to have said. Moreover, if there were any shred of truth in what Jordan was supposed to have said, wouldn't CNN have already made that the scandal of the century for the Bush Administration. Wouldn't that have made Abu Ghraib look like a cakewalk in comparison?

CNN still hasn't broken this "scoop." I wonder why?

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