Sunday, February 13, 2005

Michael Barone on the Impact of the Blogosphere

Michael Barone has an interesting article in the current issue of U.S. News and World Report. Barone argues persuasively that the "right" (conservative leaning / libertarian) and "left" (liberal) hemi-blogospheres are not symetrical in their impact on behalf of their respective constituencies. Barone first notes the animating principles behind the left hemi-blogosphere:
The Democratic Internet constituency was and is motivated by one thing more than anything else: hatred of George W. Bush.
Barone then notes what has been the main focus of the right hemi-blogosphere:
The focus of hatred in the right blogosphere is not Kerry or the Democrats but what these bloggers call Mainstream Media, or MSM. They argue, correctly in my view, that the New York Times, CBS News, and others distorted the news in an attempt to defeat Bush in 2004.
Barone concludes:
So what hath the blogosphere wrought? The left blogosphere has moved the Democrats off to the left, and the right blogosphere has undermined the credibility of the Republicans' adversaries in Old Media. Both changes help Bush and the Republicans.
I think that's exactly right.

Hat tip:Powerpundit

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