Sunday, January 02, 2005

Bowling ...

Well, a partial day of College Bowl games. I caught the last 14 seconds of the Citrus Bowl between Iowa and LSU...and that's all I needed to see apparently, as Iowa won with a desperation pass.

On to dinner and then a TIVO replay of the Rose Bowl (featuring my beloved Michigan Wolverines)(more about the TIVO effort below). The Wolverines played reasonably well in this game, but reasonably well was not good enough. Not with Michael Vick II (aka Vince Young) leading the Texas Longhorns. When an opposing QB runs for nearly 200 yards against you, its a good bet that you will lose the game. Michigan, especially, has had problems with running QBs this year (Michigan State and Ohio State come to mind). A disappointing end to what looked like a very promising year. Nevertheless, if Michael Hart and Chad Henne stay healthy, and some Braylon Edwards replacements can be found (Sorry, Trajan -- Edwards,despite his attitude, is the real deal), Michigan can look forward to possibly playing on January 4, 2006, 2007 & 2008.

Now, on to TIVO (or is it Tivo?). It's a great service. I use it all the time to record NFL games to watch on Sunday evenings, thereby freeing up Sunday afternoons for the family and those gotta do home maintenance tasks. I have only had 2 problems with it. The first was earlier in the college football season, when I asked it to record only 4 hours of the Michigan / Michigan State game. That game went into overtime, and lasted nearly 4 and 1/2 hours. By all accounts, I missed one of the most thrilling endings to a football game, at least in Michigan football history. Bearing that in mind, I decided to hedge my bets today: Knowing that the start of the Rose Bowl was dependent upon the time the Citrus Bowl ended, I went wild and asked Tivo to record 7 hours of the Rose Bowl. What's the harm, right? So I get a bunch of the Fiesta Bowl on "tape"; I can always delete it when the Rose Bowl coverage is done.

About 8:30 p.m., after having our traditional roast beef dinner and cleaning the dishes, helping out with the bunnies, I settle in for the viewing of the game, which, I presume has ended or is close to ending. Dumb me. I didn't bother to check the recording time. It turns out that Tivo decided, on its own, to start recording Law and Order at 9 p.m. (to add insult to injury, the SVU version, not the original). Don't ask me why it did this. I figured that my manual tweaking of the Rose Bowl recording time to 7 hours would override any other scheduled recording. I was wrong. So, I missed the second most thrilling ending of a Michigan football game of the year, thanks to Tivo. Maybe it thought it was doing me a favor, since the reason this game was only the second most thrilling is because Michigan lost on a last second field goal.

Oh well!

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