Sunday, January 16, 2005

Limousine-borne Terror Alert from Time Magazine

Michelle Malkin and In the Bullpen each discuss an Inauguration Day terror scenario posited by Time Magazine in which limousines would be loaded up with a flammable gas in pressurized cylinders. The gas would be released in such a way as to create an improvised fuel-air weapon. Time's scenario apparently derives from papers found in the possession of an al-Qaeda operative captured in Great Britain last year. Although I could not confirm this (as I don't have access to Nexis), I am pretty sure I recall that the finding of these documents initally led to the raising of the terror threat rainbow for Citicorp in New Jersey and the World Bank in Washington, D.C. late last Summer.

I agree with In the Bullpen that it sure looks like Time is just regurgitating this story because the Inauguration represents a high-value target for the terrorists and not because of anything new (after all, in the tradition of Seymour Hersh, you can bet Time would spill the beans if it had classified information).

I'm sure that if something were to happen (and, trust me, I sure hope it doesn't), the liberals would be all over the Bush Administration for not spending enough money on the Inauguration. Oh -- wait a second -- they are already on the record as saying the President is spending too much. No matter -- consistency for these people is definitely not a virtue.

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