Monday, December 13, 2004

The New York Times continues its crusade...

In an article appearing on Monday, the New York Times continues to trot out the tired argument that the war in Iraq has somehow distracted the United States from the War on Terrorism. I think it goes without saying that that is no more true than that the D-Day invasions in June 1944 somehow "distracted" the United States from the campaign against Japan in the Pacific. As was the case in WWII, the United States is able to focus the appropriate military assets in more than one locale simultaneously. If anything, considering the manner in which the world has shrunk due to advances in electronic communication, the ability of the U.S. to fight a 2 theater war in the Second World War seems all the more amazing.

UPDATE: The capture of a top Taliban security officer by Afghan forces recently sure does not lend credence to the Times thesis that the War on Terror is suffering as a result of the Iraq War.

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