Monday, September 05, 2005

Bush Selects Roberts for Chief Justice

President Bush has nominated John Roberts as the President's choice to replace William Rehnquist as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

I am disappointed. I had hoped that Clarence Thomas would get the nod. Not only does Justice Thomas write the most cogent and clear opinions of all the Justices of the Supreme Court, he seems well liked by his fellow Justices, therefore being well suited to bring together the necessary consensus to restore judicial restraint to the Court.

Of course, Justice Thomas' selection would also have the added benefit of perhaps minimizing some of the racial incriminations hurled at President Bush in the week following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Then again, perhaps not. President Bush's selection of Colin Powell, Condoleza Rice, and other minorities to positions of true leadership in this nation have routinely been dismissed by the usual suspects in the race racket as being the selections of persons who are insufficiently "of color" given their failure to buy into the race agenda that dominates the Democratic party.

Nevertheless, my largest concern is that John Roberts becomes the next David Souter writ large. From Brennan to Souter, Conservatives have been promised the appointment of Justices in accord with our judicial philosophy (and in accord with the outcomes of the many presidential elections during that period), only to be sorely disappointed by stealth nominees after they take the bench.

Like Souter, we know so little about Roberts which is all the more surprising given his involvement in the government from such a young age. I cross my fingers that President Bush has sufficiently screened his nominee to ensure that he will adhere to the Scalia and Thomas philosophy while fulfilling his duties to the Court.

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