Friday, September 02, 2005

The Blame Game and the Father of Cool - Willis Haviland Carrier

The Father of Cool - Willis Haviland Carrier and Air Conditioning

Well the pundits have blamed George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, and every other Republican they could think of in spewing out fault for the natural disaster that descended on New Orleans this week while the true culprit remains unnamed.

Yep... Willis Haviland Carrier certainly bears the blame for this tragedy as much as Presidents Reagan or Bush. Would the deadly Gulf regions of the USA have been as heavily populated were it not for this nefarious man's invention of that hellish device, the air conditioner? Certainly not! Would the now-ravaged coastal areas have been as seduced by development were it not for the artificially cool breezes manufacturered by Mr. Carrier's machine? Certainly not!

The pundits may claim that this hurricane could have been avoided had Jimmy Carter defeated Mr. Reagan's bid for the presidency in 1980 and had the all-powerful George W. Bush only adhered to the Kyoto treaty (instead of seeking to further enrich the rich), but we know who is really to blame... the man who had the temerity to manufacture the air conditioner.

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