Monday, August 08, 2005

More On Peter Jennings' Passing

I wholeheartedly agree with the GWhizKids... I too mourn Peter Jennings' passing this morning at the all-too young age of 67.

Peter Jennings, along with Frank Reynolds, were the faces of the news for me growing up.

Frank, the joe-lunchbucket anchor who was wrongly overshadowed by his competitors at CBS and NBC, was never afraid to allow us to share his emotions at the news events of the day. I will never forget Frank exhorting the shuttle Columbia to lift up to the heavens at the maiden liftoff of America's shuttle program. Nor will I ever forget Frank sternly chastising his staff while on the air to get their facts straight as rumors filtered about that President Reagan had been mortally wounded in the 1981 assassination attempt. Frank humanized the news, becoming one with his viewers as the great events of the days unfurled before our eyes.

Peter, on the other hand, was the dashing and urbane news anchor who was able to calm us during our darkest days. Yes, he was prone to partisanship, but he was also a professional who, for the most part, was able to lure in a staunch conservative such as myself. Perhaps it was the Canadian in him but I think Peter Jennings of all the big names in media was able to bridge the political gap among his viewers.

I miss Peter and Frank.

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