Saturday, June 25, 2005

That's Rich

You have to admit they can be very funny at times....
Leading Senate Democrats revealed this week that they had sent President Bush a letter urging him to consult with them before selecting a new Supreme Court Justice in the event a vacancy appears during President Bush's final term in office.
Sen. Kennedy then offered this amusing nugget:
It doesn't take much to get our
consent. All the president has to do is seek out his preferred non-ideological
choices, ask us about them, and listen to our answers.
I get it... all President Bush has to do is to seek out a non-Republican judicial appointment, obtain the prior approval of the Senate Democrats, and ultimately bow to the wishes of the Democratic leadership. Et voila... we have a smooth judicial selection process!!! Who says Washington has to be difficult?!?
Too bad of course for the majority of Americans who cast their votes for President Bush. For that matter, too bad for the majority of Americans who cast their votes to confer a Republican majority in both the U.S. House and Senate. Obviously those voters are way out of the political mainstream (which of course is properly defined by the Democrats... who for some reason lost the presidency and saw their minority positions in both Houses even further eroded during the last election).

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