Thursday, June 30, 2005

Allergy Season!

Yikes... I have been knocked out the past few days with the worst allergy symptoms I have ever experienced. Every year around the Fourth of July, I am afflicted with massive allergies. And every year, I promise to go to an allergist. One of these days...

On another note, the WhizKids have not posted in a while for a couple of reasons. First, the WhizKids Clan has been relocated by the powers that be to the New York City area, prompting a move from their wonderful abode in Atlanta, GA. Moves are always tough (especially when leaving a fantastic city such as Alpharetta, GA) so lets hope the Connecticut area is as hospitable to the WhizKids Clan as the South proved to be.

A second reason for the WhizKids recent silence was some health concerns caused by a gall stone that sidelined Mr. WhizKids for the past week (just as the movers were about to appear for the move north of the Mason-Dixon line). That invidious little stone seems to have been taken care of by the fine medical staff at the North Fullerton Regional Hospital but Mr. WhizKids still isn't 100% yet.

My we are bloggers have to improve our health!

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