Wednesday, April 27, 2005 - Foxlife - Actress in Hot Water Over Sept. 11 Remarks - Foxlife - Actress in Hot Water Over Sept. 11 Remarks

I had hoped that with the passing of the presidential election this past November we would be spared further vapid commentaries as to America's inherent state of evilness from the various Hollywood's scolds. No such luck. Heavyweight actress Maggie Gyllenhaal (quick... say her last name three times fast and name two movies in which she has appeared.... see I knew you couldn't do it!) has recently decided it was time to remind her legion of fans that America "is responsible in some way" for the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Without going all Dixie Chic all upside her head, Ms. Gyllenhaal (wow... that's even tough to type) raises some tough questions for me. No... not the ones she apparently wants me to consider. Rather, every time a Hollywood type such as Ms. Gyllenhaal pontificates on the horrors of American foreign policy, I scratch my head in wonder as more basic questions pop into my head.

I ask myself, what led to Ms. Gyllenhaal and her fellow artists' monolithic hatred of all things American? Was she born into a middle class American family that had to deal with the problems and concerns that face most Americans? Or, was she raised in an aristocratic fashion immune from the realities of the real world? Were her parents rabidly anti-American and this was simply passed onto her during her childhood? Or, were her views altered once she began hobnobbing with homogenous Hollywood where one dare not venture too far off the leftist plantation for fear of retribution in terms of her film offerings?

I'd love to know the answers to these questions for its truly baffling to me to see someone who seemingly has gained so much from American society be so quick to condemn it. Not being a psychiatrist (and not even playing one on tv), I have to presume that Ms. Gyllenhaal and her peers either suffer from a substantial amount of self-loathing or are such conformists that playing up the anti-America card is necessary to be considered chic within their detached circle of friends.

Either way, its very sad. And its even worse that this philosophy has become emblematic of the current Democratic party.

Think about it, when was the last time you heard the current field of Democratic leaders genuinely heap praise on the greatest country this world has ever known? Sure you may hear their throw away introductory statements praising America with mindless banality. But then they alway get to the heart of their speech, when Democratic Senator So and So or Democratic Representative Such and Such gets to launch into a rousing condemnation of Abu Graib, the rejection of the Kyoto Treaty, or such other topic de jour attacking America.

Is it so hard for the Democrats and their Hollywood sponsors to sincerely acknowledge that the United States of America, even with its flaws, is without equal? Republicans have captured the field on patriotism not because they have questioned the patriotism of their political opponents but because the Democrats have surrendered the issue by, among other things, seeking the affirmation of actors and actresses such as Ms. Gyllenhaal.

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