Sunday, March 20, 2005

Truth Be Told

At long last, the true nature of Michael Schiavo's concern for his wife's well-being is out for all to see. Responding to Congressional efforts to allow a federal court to determine whether he would be allowed to starve Terri to death, Michael Shiavo responded forthrightly (if not monstrously):

“I think that the Congress has more important things to discuss.”

How charming. The life or death of his wife hangs in the balance and this man has the gumption to be peeved that Congress bothers to pay attention. Of course it doesn't hurt to keep in mind that Michael Schiavo, who claims to have only his wife's best interest at heart, may have a unique view on marriage, having lived with his paramour for years while siring two children through their illicit union.

In a rational world, that alone would be enough to question whether Mr. Sciavo ascribes to the Scott Peterson view of matrimony: "honey, I love you so much that I have to kill you so that you won't suffer by having to continue to live with my failings."

In a rational world, this would suggest, at best, that Mr. Sciavo is, to put it mildly, conflicted in his role as husband and guardian. In a rational world, this would suggest that Mr. Sciavo is motivated by something other than his concern for his wife's well-being. Of course, that Mr. Sciavo collected over a $1 million dollars in the malpractice suit brought on his wife's behalf is merely a trifle.

And now, the party of (good) life has taken the next step -- certain Democrats have joined with Mr. Schiavo to block the federal legislation that would allow Terri the chance to avoid a miserable death. Having assured the country of abortion on debaand, apparently the Democrats have gone the next step in assuring a quality of life for their constituents... by killing off those outside of the womb who don't measure up to their standards.

First, abortion was justified because democrats would never want to force a child to be born into a horrible existence. But why stop there when you can terminate (i.e., kill) those who are already born but whose existence is problematic.

I fear for my disabled sister.

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