Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Thanks for the Info... NOT!

MSNBC - Atlanta hostage turning around 'sad, tough' life

A remarkable story of a woman's courage in the face of the ultimate adversity...Ashley Smith's harrowing tale at the hands of Brian Nichols following his murderous flight from the Fulton County Courthouse should have been described so simply.

Instead, the Associated Press decided the public needed to know about several unfortunate decisions Ms. Smith made early in her life, including an incident that occurred in her teens. Hmm... did this "background" information somehow advance the story of her ordeal as Brian Nichols' captive and the extraodinary courage she displayed under the most difficult of circumstances. Not a whit.

Rather, the AP story is yet another example of the media just not getting it. Ms. Smith did not ask for notoriety-- I am sure if Ms. Smith could have avoided the horrible events of this past Saturday, she would have done everything in her power to do so. Nevertheless, the AP has decided that her past is fair game for publication although it had absolutely no bearing on the events that transpired over that terrible 24 hour period.... and the American public is smart enough to know that once again the media has crossed the line from responsible journalism to sensationalism.

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