Thursday, March 31, 2005

Some Conventional Wisdom...

Could the conventional wisdom be dazed and confused (again)? The conventional view seems to be that the Terri Schiavo struggle has highlighted serious fissures within the Republican Big Tent between Christian Right Conservatives and the libertarians. Contrary to the pundits, I’m not convinced that the Republicans stand to lose from their efforts to prevent Terri Schiavo’s death. Rather, this appears to be another stumble by the Democrats who seem determined to offend their core voting blocks.

In their nearly blind hatred of all things Bush, the liberal wing of the Democratic Party has insulted its most important constituency, African Americans, by belittling the intelligence of Clarence Thomas (think Harry Reid) and by challenging the bona fides of Condoleza Rice (think Barbara Boxer).

Now, many of the usual suspects on the left have let it be known they support the killing of helpless women.

If the political seismograph is recording any quakes of late, it is clearly coming from Democratic territory: the attacks by Barbara Boxer on Condoleza Rice’s character were rebuked by Andrew Young of all people, certainly no political ally of Condoleza’s. Likewise, in fighting against Terri Schiavo’s forced starvation, liberal luminaries such as Ralph Nader, Tom Harkin, Jesse Jackson, and Nat Hentoff have veered from contemporary liberal orthodoxy to throw their support behind a cause close to the heart of the Christian Right.

Are these isolated cases of political foolishness or the beginning of a trend? Let's hope for more quakes ahead.

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