Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Only in Detroit...

McPhail awards mayor with slur

Pop quiz time! The number one political issue facing the City of Detroit today is: (a) a massive budget deficit which has forced mass layoffs and the real prospect of municipal receivership; (b) an alarming exodus of its citizenry which has seen Detroit's population drop by over one-half in less than 50 years; (c) a dismal high school graduation rate of only 44% as recently as the 2002-2003 school year; or (d) race relations.

You get the prize if you chose (d)! But hold on... its not what you think. Leave it to Detroit's politicians to avoid garden variety claims of racism. Instead, the race issue de jour involves Councilwoman Sharon McPhail's presentation of the "Sambo Sell-Out of the Year" award to Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and other select members of Detroit's City Council for supposedly selling out their black constituents. Bear in mind that the City of Detroit's population is 82% black and is governed by a black mayor and a predominantly black city council.

Of course, the real twist to this tale is that Councilwoman McPhail (herself a serious contender for mayor in the upcoming mayoral election) happens to be black, as is the recipient of her prestigious award, Mayor Kilpatrick. Apparently, having been so conditioned to cry racism as early and as often as possible to advance her career, Ms. McPhail is having withdrawal symptoms now that there is no longer a significant white population within the city at whom she can hurl her racial invectives. Not to be deterred, Ms. McPhail has simply found new targets for her race baiting... that they too happen to be black is just a minor obstacle in Ms. McPhail's efforts to promote racial disharmony as best she can.

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