Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Musings on Murder

Terri Schiavo's passing is now all but assured, having been condemned to a horrific death by starvation by those who claim to love her.

The morality (and certainly the legality) of the treatment she has endured at the hands of her guardian has been unceasingly debated the past three weeks. However, one point that I have not seen addressed in the media crossed my mind this morning. I hesitate, however, to raise it for fear of being deemed morbid.

Nevertheless, this hypothetical occurred to me. What if a protester (or even a member of Terri's family) was to somehow find his or her way into the hospice where Terri now resides and, as an act of mercy, was to kill her by whatever means available to end her suffering?

Would the state of Florida bring that person up on charges of first degree murder? My strongest suspicion is that yes, in this messed up state of affairs, the People of the Great State of Florida would charge that person with premeditated murder.... while those who have imposed a prolonged and painful death upon her are lauded as heroes. Only in America...

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